Vanilla Love Lotion

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Vanilla Love Lotion

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Vanilla Love - When love is in the air we can't go without a splash of the irresistible all natural scent of

intoxicating vanilla, white orchid, sparkling sugar, jasmine & a hint of sandalwood

  • Moisture Rich Massaging Lotion: Crafted with only the finest ingredients to be a luxury product with high quality moisturizing results without the oily residue. Leaving your skin feeling replenished, soft, smooth and hydrated without the harsh chemicals  and oily residual feel that traditional store bought products leave on your skin.
  • Instructions: Apply Moisture rich massaging lotion immediately after washing while skin is still warm and damp. Rub the lotion between your hands, massaging into the palms and the rest of your hand until well absorbed. Then apply to the rest of your body applying generously to elbows and heels of feet, if desired. *Apply as desired to target areas for maximum moisture or to provide a refreshing scent and smooth feeling to your skin throughout the day.
  • Our Ingredients include: Purified Water, Mineral Oil (natural skin healing moisturizer), Propylene Glycol (organic germ killer), Stearic Acid (natural skin protection), Cetyl Alcohol (natural thickening agent *not alcohol product), Glyceryl Stearate (natural emulsifier), EDTA (natural bonding agent), Aloe Vera Gel (natural moisturizer), Triethanolamine (natural pH balancer and emulsifier), White Protopet (natural moisturizer), Propylparaben (natural preservative), Dimethicone (skin balancer), Methylparaben (natural antifungal), Allantoin (natural skin healer), Carbomer (0 risk - thickening agent), Diazolidinyl Urea (prevent yeast bacteria and mold), Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate (natural preservative), a proprietary blend of 100% all natural high quality essential oils... **In other words a whole lot of nutrient rich ingredients to make for an amazing massaging, hand and foot moisturizer that will please even the toughest of critics!