About Us

Marilyn's  is a locally owned and managed shop in Cookeville, Tennessee.  We carry Homemade Hope premium quality items, Candle and Soap Making Supplies, and Princess Party Kits. 

Homemade Hope Premium Products were created by us as a fundraising product for Independence Again (www.independenceagain.org) to raise money for sober living facilities housing women, men and those with children. The product line includes, Amish made Jams, Jellies, Butters and Salsa's, Premium personal care products such as lotions, body wash, fragrance sprays, bath bombs, cold processed bar soap, candles, foaming hand soap, shampoo, condition, pet shampo, rich collagen creams, beard oil, deodorant, and Nana's Home Remedies --  Nana has the best home remedies for many ailments.  These remedies are NOT cures but merely aids to lessen symptoms.  We welcome you to try any remedy and let us know how it works.  Any remedy can be customized in stronger potions.

We also carry a large assortment of Candle and Soap Making Supplies as well as our Patented Party Kit - Princess Party Kits.

Each product sold provides much needed resources for this great organization.  Please shop our collection and purchase frequently.  Not only are you getting great products--you are saving lives!  Thank you!